Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everything went GREAT!!!

Sorry i have been missing in action for like a LONG butt time!! But the wedding went GREAT on saturday, we could have not asked for a more perfect day! The temperature was about 75 and not that humid. It got a little hot when we were taking pictures in the morning before the ceremony but it was ok. A lot of people made it to the ceremony, but the church stayed nice and cool, which is kind of wierd, cause it was SUPER hot and muggy on friday during our rehearsal. I screwed up saying my vows, I had to ask the pastor twice on what I was suppose to say. I guess I was a little nervous and I couldnt concentrate! But we just laughed it off, along with all of our guests. We went to the bar for about an hour and had a great time, we then headed back with tactors to the reception! It was great!

We stayed ahead of schedule all day! It was soo awesome, there was no rushing around to get everything done! We actually had extra time to sit and relax and enjoy the day. The dance went GREAT, it was sooo fun. I think I missed like 3 songs all night, and that is because I was sooooo hot I needed to take a break and cool off. The wedding party all had a great time, and were feeling good by the end of the night. We even got my sister-in-law who doesnt drink very often drunk!

David and I couldnt ask for a more perfect of a day! I am so happy everthing went well!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Im not died

Just wanted to say I am not died, just VERY VERY VERY busy!!! I have lots of updates when I have time to type them out.

OH OH OH, and I found my camera cord for my computer, so be watching out for pictures!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just poking my head in

I dont have much time, so just a quick little up date

Well this weekend was fun! I had my bridal shower- it turned out great and I got so many good gifts. A couple favorite gifts I got was my Kitchen Aid mixer, and we now have recieved all of the dish set we want!! :) umm and we got some camping stuff.

I am trying to get pictures from the shower.. so until tomorrow... I am out of here

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Productive Weekend

I got SOO much done this weekend, It feels good to have some of the DIY projects done. We are pushing 6 weeks to the wedding, and I am in a bit of a stress mode. I just cant believe its coming so fast!! I took pictures of all of the projects I did this weekend but I still cant find my camera cord. I will look for it again today to see if I can find it, and post pictures later.

My list of CHECKS done this weekend:
bough 27 cases of pop (24 pack)
put together the bridesmaids gifts
stamped thank you cards
wrote out thank you cards for my bridesmaids & usherettes
memory candle
memory list in frame
ribbon on program baskets
pink and black place cards cut
combined all of the confetti
finished the invites that need to be sent out today
received the "dance only" postcards
bought all the hardware for the photo card box
tried to do my unity candle (it was a mess)
put ribbon on votive candles (only on 24 out of 144)
bought material for the "thank you" poster for pictures
put together all of the flower girls & ring bear bags
put their name on the bags with puff paint
I think that was it, but it feels like I am missing some. I will probably think of some late.
Today is weigh in day for weight watchers, and I am proud to announce that as of this morning I have lost 4.2 pounds! I thought it was pretty darn good considering I ate out Friday night, Saturday night, and Monday night! I am really happy with the results I am getting, and I hope to keep it coming! My 1st mini goal is to loose 10-15 pounds before the wedding, my second mini goal is to loose another 15 pounds by my birthday (9/23) and my big goals is to loose 45 pounds total by the beginning of the new year as long as we don't get pregnant before then. :) The game is on, and I am bound and determined to loose this weight that i gained over the past 2-3 years!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

its back.......... the weekly menu!

Thats right people its back, I am going to try to do the weekly menu again! Now that I am on weight watchers I tend to want to eat at home more cause I can make good choices. I normally have a heck of a time making good choices when we go out. Here we go people... Hold on to your pants....

Saturday - We are going out because we are going bowling with some friends tonight

Sunday - Beef Tacos

Monday - at the in-laws for a cook out

Tuesday - chicken quesedella, FF sour cream, salsa, and lettuce

Wednesday - homemade candian bacon pizza

Thursday - Beef roast with potatoes, and carrots

Friday - Grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, and steamed asparagus

Busy Busy Busy!!!

I am not sure if I have mentioned that I have a HUGE callus on my right foot on the heal (which is a weird place to have it) that I have been dealing with for at least a half of a year. I didnt think much of it, but it is really starting to effect how I walk, I am walking with a limp. Well now that I work at a Chiropractor's Office I can get free adjustments. I had the Dr look at it and he said I was walking funny. So he recommended orthotics. Well on Thursday I went into the office (on my day off) to get fitted for them. It is going to cost be about $200 bucks, when originally it would cost me over $600, and that is at cost so the Dr is not making any money off of me! So I am excited to get them. I am going to fell SOOO much better! I should be getting them next week sometime.

99% of the invites are out (thats right, I still have bout 5 invites I still need to send out) bad, I know. But anyways I think we had about 345 people on the invite list (ya I dont know the exact number of that either) The RSVP's are due to me on June 1st, so approx. 1 week away. So far we have 70 people that are coming! So that means people need to get there RSVP's in!!! ok vent over.

On Thursday (after my orthotic fitting) I headed to Sam's Club to order our sheet cakes for the wedding. I ordered 4 full sized sheet cakes: marble flavored with white whipped frosting. I made them all the same because David and I are serving cake at the end of dinner (to make our rounds and say hi to everyone) Then people cant be picky. :) so that is a CHECK!

Also when I was at Sam's Club I picked up 3 (30 bottle) cases of water. We are planning on having some water bottles at church because there is no AC, and its gonna get HOT! I am throwing around the idea of making personalized labels. Is it easy to do?

I also headed to Hobby Lobby (the store I LOVE to make DIY wedding projects) and they had all wedding items 50% off, so I picked up another large candle ($3.00) for our Memory Candle that will burn, I picked up some "mr. & mrs." confetti ($.99) for our tables. I also picked up some sheer ribbon to but on the baskets for our programs at church. so that is a CHECK!

OH BY THE WAY: Weight Watchers has been going GREAT! and 5 days into the program I have lost 2.8 pounds, and I even went out to eat last night at Buffalo Wild Wings!! :) yay me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This weight has finally hit me in the face

Looking back at the past 2 1/2 years it was probably the most stressful years of my life. It started with my dad getting sick in July 2006. He ended up having to have brain surgery to get the tumor out of his brain. He started Chemo and hit his all time low. He fought as hard as he could but the cancer ended up getting the best of him in March of 2007. This is the start of me gaining weight. I tend to be a stress/sad eater. I was so sad that the cancer got the best of my dad, and questions kept running through my head what are we going to do without my dad? I ate and ate and ate. I was accepted into the Dental Hygiene program in July of 2007, I was so excited - my dad was looking for me and was helping me reach my goals I have for my life. Little did I know that the program was REALLY intense and stressful. Then began to eat more and more and more. As the program went on the more stressful it got. In the past 2 1/2 years I have managed to gain about 40-50 pounds. Which I can say I am NOT proud of. With gaining weight this fast I have became very self conscious.

With school being over for little less then a week I am going to try to conquer getting this extra baggage off of me. I know this weight isn't going to come off over night and I am going to have to work hard. I would like to be healthy when we start trying to have a family and that is going to happen shortly after we get married.

I am going to go back on Weight Watchers and I am going to try to do this by myself. This is when I have the best luck, weird huh? I am going back on the point system for a week or 2 and I am going to try to work in the 30 day shred. In the past when I did weight watchers and worked out I ended up gaining weight, I know muscle weighs more then fat but it is frustrating to me and I get discouraged.

I plan on heading up to Rochester today and I am going to stock the house full of healthy food. I am going to count this as day 1!!!

Here are some pictures of me from the past 2 1/2 years

This picture was taken the weekend before my dad got really sick

This was almost a year after my dad got really sick. 4 months after he passed away

This was in Sep 2007. I had lost about 15 pounds that fall

This was the weekend after we got engaged- March 2008

Our engagement pictures October 2008

Mexico Jan 2009

Graduation May 2009